Genomnia provides a range of solutions tailored specifically to your genome and transcriptome exploration requirements, offering dedicated Project design, consultation and support.

Molecular biology

  • DNA/RNA extraction from FPPE/frozen tissues or cells
  • DNA shearing
  • Sequencing ibrary construction
  • Full exome with ION AmpliSeq™ technology
  • Targeted enrichment of gene regions with ION AmpliSeq™ technology

Genome Analysis

Epigenome Analysis

Transcriptome Analysis

Metagenome Analysis

  • Human metagenome analysis
  • Environmental microbiome analysis
  • 16S rRNA analysis
  • Metagenomic analysis of biological samples contamination
  • Biosafety

Data Analysis

Real Time and Digital PCR Data Analysis

  • Design and optimization of TaqMan and SybrGreen assays
  • Measures and Analyses of Differential Gene Expression and Absolute Expression Quantification
  • High-throughput qPCR data analysis with R and Bioconductor, for middle to large scale gene expression experiments
  • Copy Number Variation Analyses
  • Absolute quantification of references and standards
  • Identification and Quantification of low levels of pathogens and OGM
  • Validation of selected targets obtained from RNA-Seq miRNA-Seq and Targeted Resequencing experiments

Ion Torrent sequencing

Quality certifications and Company Policy

Genomnia has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification for the design and provision of deep sequencing and bioinformatic services